drawLaT 1.4 - Introduction

drawLaT 1.4 is a shareware program for drawing and editing atom lattices running under MS-Windows 3.1 or higher.


Drawing ball and sticks, calottes, polyhedra, several types of projection, within a box, self-defined coordinate system, several color options, a variety of methods for creating shaded spheres. Rotation, animated moving, view inside of a periodical lattice. Drawing additional sticks and calotte intersections by using "invisible" balls. Information about distance and angle between atoms and others. Creating lattices and planes by combination of operations 'Translate', 'Rotate','Add','Select','Erase' and others. Support of *.xyz file format that is also used by other programs. Image can be copied to clipboard, scene can be saved as *.pov and *.wrl file. Atom data can be edited in a text window directly. Limitations: atoms+facets of polyhedra: max. 696, sticks per atom: max. 12, edges per facet of a polyhedron: max. 12

For watching some images created by drawLaT look at the gallery with frames or the gallery without frames.

Some mathematical basics used by drawLaT are given on the (german) drawMath page.



last update: 12/2000