Thirty Associative Puzzles

Here is a collection of thirty associative puzzles. You can solve them during several days. Take one or more puzzles a day and come back later to continue with the remaining puzzles. You can use internet search to solve the puzzles. When you have solved all puzzles, then submit your answers all at once. You will then also have to submit your name and your email address, because you may take the puzzles only once. You will then instantly get an email with a link to your score and to the highscores.

In order to proceed, you must confirm to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will not discuss the puzzle answers with other people, especially not on the internet.
  • You will not submit solutions more than once by using different names or email addresses.
  • You will not link to a certain puzzle, it is only allowed to link to this start page.

I accept
Although all puzzle ideas are the original work of the author, some of the images are not. However,
it can be assumed, that the use of such an image in the context of the respective puzzle is "fair use".

Many thanks to Maria Claudia Faverio for rechecking the puzzles and correcting some mistakes.