JavaScript Diagram Builder - Browser support

The JavaScript Diagram Builder works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6.x and Opera 5.x under Windows and with Netscape 6.x, Opera 5.x and Konqueror 3.x under Linux. Most of the methods, which dynamically change the properties of the objects, will only work correctly with IE 5, Netscape 6, Opera 7 and Konqueror 3 or higher. Here you can test the methods for the single objects.
Method\Object Diagram Bar Box Dot Pixel Line Area Arrow Pie

Because of a bug in Netscape 4.x (N4) you should add the following code in the web page
before using the diagram objects:
<DIV STYLE="position:absolute; top:0px"></DIV>
Also for N4 the file transparent.gif must be in the directory of the web page.
Furthermore, N4 has trouble when opening a page with a diagram in a new window, because the extern script will not be included. In order to work around this bug, you must reload the page, it also can be done automatically with
<SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">if ((document.layers)&&(history.length==1)) location.href=location.href+"#";</SCRIPT>
which must be written in the head before including the extern script.
Tooltiptext will not work at all with N4. Click on a Bar or Box works only with N4, if you click on the text.

In order to print all objects correctly, you must specify in your browser settings to print also the background. For instance in Internet Explorer, use the menu View->Internet Options->Advanced and enable "Print backgrounds colors and images".

Since version 2.8 the formerly script file diagram.js is splitted into the 3 files diagram.js (13 kB - browser independent code), diagram_nav.js (98 kb - code for Netscape 4) and diagram_dom.js (89 kB - code for browsers which are DOM conform). In this way the total file size for the download decreases, because the new file diagram.js automatically loads - depending on the detected browser - only one of the files diagram_nav.js or diagram_dom.js. This makes also the execution of the script a bit faster, because browser dependent overhead within the methods of the objects is no longer required.
If you do not use Line, Area, Arrow or Pie objects, then you can significantly reduce the file size by deleting the appropriate code from the script file.
If the script files diagram*.js are not in the same directory as the html page which uses the script, then you must edit the file diagram.js and set the correct relative or absolute path in the variable _PathToScript.

The last remark is about names of variables, functions and IDs: The Diagram Builder uses some global variables and functions, all of them start with the letter "_" (for instance "_Draw()"). In order to prevent bugs caused by duplicate names of variables or functions, you should not use names which begin with the letter "_" in your script. Additionally, there are IDs for the objects, which start with "Dia", "Bar", "Box", "Dot", "Pix", "Line", "Area", "Arrow" or "Pie". Don't use ID's in your HTML page, which start with this letters (for instance don't use <div id='Dia1'>...</div>).

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